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Wanna know bout me ? 

Agent/Manager/Co-Owner of TheNewBoomersBand/Lounge LLC




A Southern gentleman, Bill was transplanted from Georgia to Arizona and was captivated by the songs he heard on the radio while in high school. After buying an acoustic guitar at 17, he added an electric guitar and then a bass to his love of playing. Though an engineer by profession, he has dedicated his life to music and bringing that joy to audiences!




Mike, a transplanted NYer, took a liking to the drums in his teens once he realized keyboards and guitars were too complicated. His love for all things “Beatles” guided his approach towards drumming which was to keep it simple and maintain a solid backbeat. Other musical influences at Bernard Purdy, Charlie Watts and Stuart Copeland.




Music has always played an important part in Joes life. He started playing guitar in the 6th grade. A fond memory of Joes was being at his friends house and the brother taught him how to play an A chord on the guitar. When he heard that sound come out of the amp Joe was instantly hooked. Joe has released original music over the years with multiple bands and projects from vinyl to digital. No matter if it's original music or cover tunes he always enjoy playing. Now with Joes son playing drums, he gets the chance to jam out with his boy!





Rick’s Dad was a jazz drummer so there was always a snare and high hat in the house. He picked up the guitar at 21 and taught himself how to play. He always wanted to be able to “make music” and percussion by itself was just noise. The first song Rick learned was “Leaving on a jet plane “ and he’ll never forget the excitement of changing the chords and actually playing a song for the first time. This is Ricks first time playing in a band after a lifetime of playing for family and friends. Rick is living his best life and enjoying playing the “role” of “aging rocker” ( he’s also an actor)

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